About Us


First of all, we are siblings who love each other very much! But we also have the same challenges that other siblings have. We argue, fight for our independence, want to be in charge, etc. Who is in control? We realize that our Gifts come from God and our goal is to honor him in our music. Music makes us happy and we want to share our happiness with others! Despite being opinionated and strong minded individuals, we have been able to come together and create music that is inspiring and fun! 300 Watts Trio was formed 4 years ago, in 2012. Our Mom came up with the name which represents each one of us (times 3), giving 100 percent of our effort and ability towards music! We currently study privately with teachers in the Portland Area. We are grateful for the many friends that support us and encourage us in our musical endeavors. We also appreciate Kennedy Violins, David Kerr Violins, Kanestrom Bows, and Mitas Bows for their help and support. We hope to attend college and continue the study of music. Last but not least, we are grateful for our parents and the endless sacrifice they make for us to have lessons! THANK YOU!



Shania Watts

I play viola (and sometimes violin), and currently study with Brian Quincey, of Portland, Oregon.


Jonathan Watts

I play cello and currently study with Hamilton Cheifetz, of Portland, Oregon.


Darah Watts

I play violin and currently study with Carol Sindell, of Portland, Oregon.